Woman on cell: I feel bad about ripping the kid off, but… –Fort Greene Park Overheard by: Zoe Suit: Well, apparently I’m part psychic and part asshole. –Union Square Overheard by: quite the combo Blue collar guy: I stopped giving to panhandlers 10 years ago. This guy hit me up every day at my stop and one day I gave him a sandwich and some cigarettes. I watched him and he threw the sandwich away. I went over to him and worked him over pretty bad. I dumped the trash can and took out the sandwich and then took the cigarettes away from him. Then I knocked him down again and took all the money out of his pockets. I was really mad when he threw that sandwich away. Now I never give anything to those guys.
Suit: Yep… –1 train, Houston St Overheard by: Amused Minnesotan Woman on cell: You see, this is why you just can’t be nice to people. I was nice to her once, once! And now she thinks we’re friends. Like I need this! –Bus stop near Radio City Music Hall Yuppie on cell: I don’t give a fuck about them. As long as I’m on their will, I don’t really give a shit. –34th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: Gunita Girl: So my grandma died last week and it sucked so bad, I had to drive all the way to Hartford on Saturday and I totally missed the huge sale at H&M. –Statue of Liberty Overheard by: SuziQ