Woman: It’s so rare to see a happy, black couple these days. –Nunya Overheard by: Jason Guy on cell: I want to do, like, a modern blaxploitation kinda thing. –111th St & Broadway Overheard by: Conrad JAP on cell: Yeah, Flava Flav. The show’s called Flava of Love, it’s like The Bachelor for black people. –J&B Coffee, W 3rd St & McDougal Overheard by: amused black girl Ghetto girl: I swear, I feel like motherfuckin’ Harriet Tubman. Shoot. –Tunnel between F & 1 trains, 14th St Guy: Hey, you guys like stand-up comedy? Take this flyer. What, you ain’t gonna take it? Is it ’cause I’m black? –Times Square Bimbette: I’m not racist, I talked to a black girl in the bathroom today. –A train