Woman on cell: He already started calling me ‘boobie’ so we did it last night. –33rd St station Queer: I’m so sick of her and her breasts! –W 4th St subway Overheard by: Jessie Teen boy, walking into woman and child: Oh, sorry, my fault… [To his girlfriend:] See what yo’ titties got me into! –42nd St & 7th Ave Drunk bimbette: I’m so glad I have tits. I don’t know what I would do if I were a man. I call it the power of the oyster. –Croton-Harmon line to Manhattan Overheard by: Evan Drunk woman: I got ketchup on my boob and I didn’t even eat anything! –Yankee Stadium Overheard by: Ryan Drunk fratboy: Show your boobies if you love the Mets! Nudity for the Mets! Nudity for the Mets! –Manhattan bound 7 train Overheard by: lets go mets