Woman: So he wakes up trippin’ in the middle of the night, telling me to go get him a gun. –Queens Blvd & 82nd Ave, Queens Overheard by: Collegiate Cutie Conductor: This is an express train. Express. Express. Express. No Fordham, no Bronx. Express, express, express. Well…I wanna shoot myself! –Metro North train Overheard by: Jeff Man: Hey baby, nice body … Get fat and I’ll shoot ya. –Classon Ave & Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: sheila Hobo: My grandma isn’t here anymore to send me to the store to buy her a Colt 45, but I can still love Jesus! –Uptown 3 train Overheard by: jane shields Ghetto guy: Man, my boy just got shot! –Stanton St & Orchard St Overheard by: Kris Thug: A gun? You gotta shoot that bitch with a crossbow. –L train, Lorimer Ave