Yuppie woman: Her mother was recently diagnosed with clinical narcissism. One of the indicators was the time she went to a funeral and got angry that no one noticed her new dress. –Downtown 6 train Woman: I have this running joke with my kids. Whenever there’s a spider or a big bug, they’re like, "Kill it! Kill it!", and I’m like "I can’t kill it! It might be your grandmother!" You know, like reincarnation? –Office tower ladies room, Lex & 44th St Guy on cell: Who are you to tell me who is of legal age for me? You’re not my mother! How can you tell me who is legal enough for me and who isn’t? –Union Square Little Boy: Mommeeee! Ah… I mean, Daddeee! — 67th Ave & Yellowstone Blvd, Queens Woman on cell: Mom, a building just got knocked over by a plane and you want to talk about my gambling? –71st St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: mike Girl: I have no siblings! I can’t be a fuck up because I have no siblings! –Washington Square Park Overheard by: meghan Goth girl wannabe: I fantasize about incest, but not with anyone I’m related to. –East Village