Little girl in sushi restaurant: Hey! Guess what? I just farted! Mom and dad ignore her. Little girl: I said I just farted! And I farted big! Ewwww! And it smells like rotten eggs! Wanna smell? Little girl lets one rip. Mother to father: So how was your day? –Upper West Side Headline by: Colin McCleod Runners-Up:
· “Courtney Love: The Early Years” – Claire
· “Ew-nagi” – Mr. Fancipants
· “Gives new meaning to “silent but deadly”” – Will
· “I had to fart a lot to get my boss’s attention…” – alex
· “If We Ignore It, Maybe It Will Just Go Away” – Ian
· “Ignore-ance is Bliss” – Nick
· “Luckily, Rosie O’Donnell was able to refine her act” – prmsrng3
· “Pull My Finger” – Jose Hernandez
· “Practicing for the Teenage Years” – Brian
· “Reason number seven why sushi is a popular dining experience.” – Extra Character
· “Since “How My Day Was” is Self Explanatory…” – Veronica
· “Sounds a little like George W Bush and North Korea’s relationship” – Empty Refrigerator
· “To Air is Human. Earplugs, Divine” – Qasar
· “Unfortunatly, the father spent his day with the chronic masturbator son.” – ToraMaikeru
· “We thought you should know: You’re adopted.” – Jeff
· “What do you have to do to get some attention around here!…crap on the floor?” – pdz
· “Why Mommy and Daddy don’t have sex anymore” – Kristin
· “You’ve got to ac-cent-uate the positive… Flat-u-late the negative…” – Mike Chmiel
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