Bimbette: So, my doctor asked if I wanted the cervical cancer vaccine, and I was like, ‘Wouldn’t that imply you would give me cervical cancer first?’ –Outside the Silver Center, NYU campus Biotech: He’s the type of person who would have epilepsy. –John St Overheard by: Jay Girl on cell: You don’t understand how sick I am. I feel like my nose is on strike or something! What do you mean, ‘take Advil’? I don’t have back pain, fool, I’m dying! –40th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: Brandon Guy running: Coming through! Bird flu! I got bird flu, coming through! –Times Square Thug on cell: Yeah, I’m still in the hospital. I be gettin’ all stabilized ‘n’ shit. –Key Food, Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn Guy on cell: Yeah! I’m totally in! I’ve been planning to do this for months now. What time is it that I gotta be there? Oh… Well… Yeah, I’m gonna still come… but wow. I know that breast cancer knows no time, but wow! –Starbucks, 15th St & Union Square Overheard by: Brandon Mr. Discretion, in crowded elevator: So, how’s that rash? –Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital