Man to guy trying to avoid him: Because, you see — all Republicans are Nazis. I don’t know why no one else can tell. –67th & Broadway Overheard by: kendra Thug to another: Damn, nigga! That’s why the Democrats ain’t going to win the motherfuckin’ White House in 2008! –Union Square Overheard by: guy who’s not sure if it’s racist or not Righteous girl: I am glad I slept with him before I found out he was a Republican. –6 train, Uptown Overheard by: Susan Rollerblading twelve-year-old to friend: Sean Hannity is such a douche! –44th and 8th Anti-Bush crazy at anti-war stand on the street: There’s an idiot in the White House! There’s an idiot in the White House! …. Actually, he’s a monkey — we got the DNA results back! –Outside of the Met Man on cell: Well, they killed 3,000 people! …Nooo, not the Arabs, the Conservatives — the New York Conservatives! –181 St & Ft. Washington, Starbucks Overheard by: One of the teachers Hobo: I hope I never run for office, because you people aren’t the first group I’ve said fucked-up shit to. –F Train