Queer: There were so many fat people there… I was, like, breathing fat-air. –Lafayette & Bleecker Fat guy, looking at cheese nips: Oh no! I don’t want the reduced-fat ones! –Associated Market, Bleecker & LaGuardia Latina on train full of Yankees fans and more people boarding: One person getting off and three getting on! Niggas is trying to fit and they fat! If you fat, take the next train! Oh my god! Fuck! –4 train Girl on cell: What would a party be without the two of us shaking our thigh fat at each other? –Harlem Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy Woman: Skinny motherfuckers! I’m a plus-sized woman! I keep my man warm! I know how to make my man cum! Skinny Motherfuckers! –Downtown 6 Train Overheard by: KA Fat loudmouth: Obesity — it’s in the DNA. And last night, I felt the gene hit me. So I had a tuna sandwich, but I threw away the bread. The gene, it wants me to be fat — it don’t want me to look nice like everyone else. –Uptown 2 train Overheard by: Beecals Realist chick: Yeah, I know how to say ‘french fries’ in practically every language because I’m a fat-ass. –NYU Kimmel Center, Washingon Square Park Overheard by: tj