Hobo: I need you to stop here. I need to get off and wash my pants. There has been a sexual release in my pants! –Lenox Ave bus Headline by: Dan Runners-Up: · “And That’s Why I Was Late” – chronically tardy · “Bussed a Nut – Crosstown Excitement Goes A Block Too Far” – Matt G. · “Dishonorable Discharge” – Jim C. · “Economically and socially disenfranchized people say the darndest things” – Emma · “MTA’s new “Request-a-Stop” and handjob feature” – Jobee · “Marvin Gaye’s retarded half-brother” – Mary Beth Hanlon · “Meanwhile, at the auditions for ‘Speed III'” – shawn doney · “Milton Misses Yet Another Meeting of Premature Ejaculators Anonymous” – Tom Ediger · “Never ask a hobo if he’s coming or going.” – LadyP · “Premature embarkation” – mdub · “Second Thought, Let’s Go For Two” – Martin Frazee · “Senator Foley just isn’t the same when he’s not IMing” – oye · “The Man On The Bus Goes Rub, Rub, Ooops…” – Sam Nassar · “Why the 6 is never on schedule” – Rionn Fears Malechem
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