Drunk girl: I look like a Halloween movie — like Freddie the 13th. Wait, that’s not right. –PATH train Overheard by: Juggs Photographer 30-something woman: I’ve come to realize that there’s never going to be a Lloyd Dobbler. There won’t be any boom boxes. –Prospect Park Hushed female voice during screening of Short Bus: What the fuck does this have to do with hooking up in New York post-9/11? Take this hippie-dippy crap back to Portland! Ewww! God, take your carriage clock and shove it! –Landmark Sunshine Theatre, Houston St Middle-aged tourist to husband: They are so dramatic with all of the security here… It’s just like a movie. –Church St, by World Trade Center UPS Guy: I swear to you, Joey, I seen a lot of movies in my time and this movie is not to be missed. I swear, it’s definitely one of the ten best I’ve ever seen. And I’m a big movie buff. They have it at Blockbuster — you have to rent it. It’s called Nanny McPhee. You got that? Nanny McPhee. –34th & Broadway Woman: It’s like watching The Sound of Music and The Exorcist at the same time! –Starbucks, Financial District Overheard by: Sarah Guy: That movie had more male pube shots in it than any movie I’ve ever seen. –Starbucks, 66th & Columbus Overheard by: MojoSaves