Guy: I had to swallow… The whole thing! –9th Ave & 44th St Big guy: Did I tell you? The other weekend I caught Jack’s sausage! –Duane Reed, Jackson Heights
Queens Overheard by: Mrs. LeClair Girl, on firefighters packing equipment: Man, there’s a lot of hose out there! –Hanover Square Customer: If I’m going to pay 20 dollars for a piece of meat, the least they can do is give me something to wipe my face with. –45th & Madison Overheard by: madnyc One mother to another, both pushing strollers: He just won’t suck on anything else! –5th Ave between 8th & 9th St
Park Slope Overheard by: Wankrupt Dad instructing child: You kind of have to use your tongue to lap it up into your mouth. –Columbia University Overheard by: vm Twelve-year-old girl on phone: There’s really a lake called Titty CaCa! –8th Ave &16th St