Woman on cell: Putting something inside you that vibrates is sort of like being at a construction site. I’m still getting used to my vibrator, too… –Herald Square Overheard by: GG Geeky chick on cell: Sheesh, you’re just wearing her gloves, not reusing one of her condoms! –4 train Man on cell, paddle-boating with girlfriend: Hey, man! Yeah, I’m with my whip on the lake — she’s paddling me around! –Central Park Overheard by: Collegiate Cutie Beauty on cell: Fuck you! What about the Astroglide? Fuck you! What about the rubbers? Fuck you, you asshole! Fuck you! Fuck you! –W 4th St Overheard by: cato 30-something lady on cell: I have told you: I am absolutely not going to wear that outfit when I have sex with you. I mean it! –8th and 36th Suit on cell: So they gave me this amazing cream for my burn that made my skin amazingly soft — you know, like Astroglide. –80 Central Park West & 68th St Overheard by: Ray Zinbran Teacher: We need our high-power sexual devices! –Brooklyn Tech