Biotech: Does anybody want my college brochures? I got them today, but I’m not going to any of them, so does anybody want them?
Queer: Yeah, I want them.
Biotech: You can’t have them. They’re all about all-girl schools. You’re not a girl, so you can’t have them.
Queer: Come on! Let me have them!
Biotech: No! To go to this school you have to have a vagina, and unless you have a sex change in the next three months, you’re going to miss the deadline anyway!
Queer: Just let me have them!
Biotech: Oh yeah! I forgot! You do have a vagina!
Queer: Oh yeah? Well, you were born with a tail!
Biotech: A ponytail!
Queer: Only because your dad is a horse!
Biotech: I guess you’d know because your mom is always riding him!
Queer: Just let me see the college brochures. –N 5th