Woman conductor: Take all of your personal belongings and all parts of your body as you leave the train. –Brooklyn-bound D train Bronx woman: I do not have ‘cheeseburger’ written on my forehead. –Parkchester, Bronx Overheard by: walking too fast to hear more 20-something girl to woman praying with legs wide open: When I move over it’s so your warm thighs aren’t pressed up against mine. –Downtown A train Overheard by: lisa l. Chick: So then he slammed my infected eyebrow right into his crotch. It was terrific! –Theater, 1st Ave & 9th St Overheard by: Rose Fox British guy to girlfriend: Can I have your tongue? –Scruffy Duffy’s, 8th Ave Skinny 20-something: My head swung like a pendulum… I had a brain injury, but it’s okay because the part of the brain that got injured — the doctors are unsure of its function. –7 train Overheard by: Holy Crap! Middle-aged guy lunching with female companions: So… Do you know if there’s any other organs on my body that could grow teeth? –Sushi Samba, West Village