Girl: Seriously, I’d give, like, 20 blowjobs to get an apartment. –Barna, 26th & Park Overheard by: Greg Crazy guy: I gotta stop eating pussy. I’m losing my breath. –F train Girl to guy: If you don’t like oral sex, don’t open your mouth. –68th St station Overheard by: liza Guy defending self to group of friends: I’ve tasted pussy! –Chelsea Overheard by: Reina Guy on cell: Which one? Me sucking dick or San Francisco? –Wagner College, Staten Island Teen girl: I need balls in my mouth. –Disney Store, 5th Ave Overheard by: Gin Ghetto teen: And so she was suckin’ my dick, and there was a 10 dollar bill on the table, and — get this — when she stopped suckin’, it was gone! Bitch took my money! –Fulton Mall, Brooklyn Overheard by: djingo