Ghetto woman on payphone: I got herpes, and they be killin’. Herpes. Herpes! I got herpes on my pussy! There, now the whole block knows. –108th & Broadway Overheard by: sapphirebluemica Attractive 20-something businessman: Yeah, I’ve got herpes! –65th & Lex Overheard by: Brownsvillegirl Guy: … Herpes … Chlamydia … Gonorrhea … Syphilis … Crabs … Oh! Sex warts! –Bedford & 7th Overheard by: where do i sign up Lady to suitor: Leave me alone, I have chlamydia! –Kevin St. James Bar Overheard by: Maryann Chick: What? He has a disease? [Pause] Well, I wish I knew that beforehand… –Union Square Skinny blonde: I’m going to sew my vagina shut, because I’m a walking STD. –the Dojo’s near NYU Guy: If you didn’t get AIDS when you slept with her, you’re not going to get AIDS by sharing a Band-Aid. –14th St & 7th Ave