Dude: It weirds me out when deaf people can talk. –Bryant Park Chick: There’s a house, and he grew up in that house, and now he lives in that house. How weird. How local. –N train, Queens Overheard by: Morgan Guy: I want a giant tattoo of Weird Al and Thomas Dolby shaking hands. –Bar, Lower East Side Hipster on cell: Is wanting a bed-and-breakfast, a weed garden, and a forest full of Thai tranny fawns so fucking weird? –Houston and Elizabeth Girl: So we were at her house the other day smoking pot, and I was like, ‘This pot tastes weird.’ And I asked John if it tasted weird and he said, ‘Yeah, it does.’ So I asked her if she had been using her crack pipe to smoke pot out of again and she said, ‘Oops.’ –20th St & 8th Ave Bright-purple-mohawk guy to shaved-head girl with multiple nose piercings: Your best friend is so weird! –12th St & University Pl Overheard by: Joe Suit on cell: Yeah, it’s kind of weird dating my sister. –33rd & 7th