Irate quasi-thug on cell: Do you value your life? Do you want to die? No, I ain’t threatenin’ you. You can’t play with a man’s emotions like that. No. Do you want to die? I’m just asking… Do you want to die? I– [second party hangs up]. –Metro-North Overheard by: Mikey G Crazy crackhead: I am not your average crackhead — I will kill you! –Lenox & 118th Lady: And the rest are buried in the… front lawn. –Columbus Park Overheard by: Bitch that shit ain’t right! Puerto Rican guy: I don’t have to! The only thing I have to do is be Puerto Rican and die, because you know I don’t pay taxes! –R train Irish construction worker: I’m telling you, she had a clit like a dead turkey’s neck. –LIRR to Huntington Overheard by: Laffer Checkout lady: If anyone tries to get in line behind you, kill ’em. –Costco, Brooklyn Overheard by: Rich Mintz Nerd to another: It’s better to just fake your own death and live your life on an island somewhere. –Broadway & Duane Overheard by: Ronzoni