Teen boy: I couldn’t put it all the way in, though.
Teen girl: Ew, ew, ew.
Teen boy: I don’t know how they do that in pornos.
Teen girl: One second — are you gay?
Teen boy: Not really. Like, I’d totally do you.
Teen girl: You wish! Got Jake’s shit all over your dick. Ain’t no way. –Smiling Pizza, 7th Ave, Park Slope Headline by: Malingerer Runners-Up: · “Bi-curiousity killed the pussy” – Mojosaves · “Have your jake and eat it too” – teensaredisgusting · “He called ‘no homo'” – Jedipus · “He probably couldn’t put it all the way in, because he’s not willing to come all the way out” – Ryan · “Jake the German Shepherd was extra eager to meet his master that night.” – Adrenna · “Methinks the lady doth protest too much” – assley · “The Straw That Brokeback Mountain” – B · “The shit washes off. The gay? Not so much.” – Sean · “Then How ’bout a Dirty Sanchez?” – Hobo Whisperer · “When the front door slams shut, sometimes the back door opens” – steve devan · “You say tomato, I say hepatitis” – Mark Poepsel
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