Suit #1: I mean, it was crazy — first this lady has a kid in the elevator, and then about a week later, another lady’s water breaks in the same elevator.
Suit #2: I would have hated to be the guy to mop that up.
Suit #1: That elevator shaft is like a friggin’ fallopian tube! –2 train Overheard by: Paul Headline by: dank Runners-Up: · “And Park Slope Is Like a Cum-Soaked Uterus” – t.a.m.s.y. · “At least it’s not menstruating like that elevator in The Shining” – Chris · “In Similar News, The Lobby Stairwell is Closed for Yeast Infection Maintenance” – Maeve K · “P.C. Pimps Don’t Push ‘Em Down The Stairs Anymore” – elrobinder · “Push! Push! No, push the BUTTON!” – Julia · “The Fertile Ascent” – Benzero · “The Pussyseidon Adventure- 2006” – smscpw · “The elevator is still better than having to make small talk with the guy who performs abortions in the stairwell” – Raden Mutter · “Where do you stand on partial-floor evacuations?” – Kevin Perry
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