Heinously-dressed chick on cell: I wish I could see you today! I’m wearing a really cool outfit! –Washington Square Park Overheard by: fashionbly competent Ghetto chick: I hate skinny jeans. Them shits be mad tight! –H&M, 125th St Overheard by: Alison R. Girl: Okay, those might be Givenchy, but she totally bought them at DSW. –Houston & Broadway Salesperson: The trousers are unfinished so you have to go to a tailor when you get home and have them fitted. Are there any tailors where you come from? –Macy’s Overheard by: Other suit-buying tourist Two UES ladies passing by a child laughing at her reflection in upscale shoe store window: That baby has a head start — she already likes stilettos. –79th & Lex Overheard by: B.B. Girl to guy: You should just wear nude leggings! –1 train Overheard by: Girl on cell: Those are the gayest jeans I’ve ever seen. As long as you wear them, you will always be gay. Congratulations. –H&M, SoHo