Voice from stall: God, will you give me a sign? –Restroom, United Nations Overheard by: Nicolas Girl in stall: Ugh! The toilet paper is totally not loving me! –Restroom, Starbucks Woman crammed in restroom stall with two girls: Okay, hold on… Alright, now. So, tell me what’s up! How do you girls like school? –Mustang Harry’s, 34th St Overheard by: Rachel Jordan Man at urinal: Ow! …That’s not good. –Restroom, Yankee Stadium Overheard by: RG African dude settling into urinal stance: Lookie-here, what’ve we got here? Lookie-here at what we have! –Restroom, Washington Square Park Overheard by: off white Voice from Port-a-Potty: Oh baby, oh baby. Yes! –Gramercy Park