Guy: Yeah, that was the night I pissed all over his walls. –Fanelli’s, Prince & Mercer Overheard by: hjane Dude: I think she’s pretty cool, even though she tried to pee on me that one time. –Rumours, 55th & 8th Overheard by: Matthew K Johnson Girl on cell: …Well, I was, until he peed his pants. It was all downhill from there. –Upper East Side Overheard by: kelsey Guy on cell: She got pissed on… So do I. I guess if she can survive another two months… How much damage do you think he can do? –Columbia University Overheard by: Al E Ro Guy entering bank: Fuck that dragworm! It’s my bank! I’m gonna give him a tip because he stepped in front of me to hold the door? Fuck that! It’s like if I was gonna piss and he knocked my hand aside to grab my dick. –Washington Mutual