Woman: Yeah, but just because you can play a dying crackwhore in Rent, that doesn’t mean that you can play a dying crackwhore in Les Mis — they’re two different kinds of whores! –Broadhurst Theatre Columbia chick: Yeah, I’d be the Mother Theresa of prostitutes. –Columbia University Couple arguing on the street: You want to talk about the truth, fine — let’s talk about the truth! What about that time I found you upstairs in our apartment smoking crack with that prostitute? –2nd Ave & E 5th St Overheard by: Awestruck Iowan Girl: Well, of course I’m mad… She’s taking my pimp from me! –Mall Announcer: There is a ‘B’-as-in-‘brothel’ train approaching the station. –59th St, Columbus Circle Station Overheard by: Jennifer Chick on cell: I think we’re all hypothetical hookers, to some extent. –Harlem Overheard by: McF