Guy #1: What is wrong with this district?
Guy #2: I know! Every store is a liquor store.
Guy #1: There should be district liquor summer camps or something. Headline by: Menzer Runners-Up: · “An excerpt from “The History of Catholic Camp”” – Manda · “But that’s what New Jersey’s for!” – cinekat · “Captain Morgan gains close victory in district 7, narrowly beating Corporal Cocaine and Major Methamphetamine.” – Victor · “I Don’t Want to Know What You Did Last Summer” – Laura · “I’m going for the “Finding a Bruise of Unknown Origin” Merit Badge” – Syd O · “Kumbaya with a twist” – danny · “Southern Comfort Proudly Sponsors Boy Scout Troop 741” – Bevan · “With Sailing Lessons from Captain Morgan” – Greene · “Wyoming is way ahead of you.” – Merk
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