Teenage boy tourist: Times Square is by far the coolest part of New York. It’s almost like heaven! –Times Square A tourist is craning his neck to photograph the Empire State Building. New Yorker: What is he looking at?! … Oh. –34th & 5th Tourist: There isn’t anywhere within walking distance. –53rd & Lex Overheard by: Not a Clueless Tourist Hobo, after stealing someone’s luggage: Tourists need to be more careful when they come to New York City. –6th Ave & 23rd St Overheard by: BOB Sled Tourist dropping money in front of frozen female mime he’s been staring at for five minutes: That was truly incredible. Thank you so much. –Outside MoMA Tourist: I guess we should go to the Ground Zeroes. –5th Ave & 13th St Overheard by: Sally Tomato Thug: Just push them out of the way. They’re tourists, they’ll love it. –Times Square Overheard by: duffduff