Dude: Man, it was harder to cheat on that test than to just do it! –23rd & Lex Overheard by: Lisa Girl on cell: Yo! I’m in class trying to act all straight, and it’s hard. No, I have a test right now. I took like four o’ that shit. I have to go, my professor’s here. –John Jay College of Criminal Justice Overheard by: hannah JAP: Well, the professor hates me. He only thinks of me as the girl who leaves 20 minutes into his class, and I don’t know how to change it. –Shun Lee Palace Overheard by: colette Student: Shit, my iPod is more important than my classes. –Borough of Manhattan Community College Overheard by: Caitl Hipster teen: He got rejected from community college? He must have written on his essay, ‘I want to prey on Bronx Science kids and mug them.’ –6 train, 68th St Overheard by: glad they went to private school