Guy: I can’t wait ’til I am finished with med school and I can start working as pediatric gynecologist. –Class, W4th & Mercer Girl watching another use eye drops: Do you need some help with that? I’m pre-med. I’m qualified. –Butler Library bathroom, Columbia University Overheard by: dr. getoffyourhighhorse Girl patient: Oh my god. The cute doctor just took my urine sample. He walked over and asked me for it. God, it’s like, ‘I gave her my heart, she gave me… her urine sample.’ Should we give him my number? –Beth Israel Medical Center Chick on cell: Yeah, the doctor stuck his finger up my ass because I can’t shit… Yeah, it hurt. Any ideas I’ve entertained about anal sex are gone. –12th Ave & Bay Ridge Pkwy, Brooklyn Overheard by: What the… Homeless guy: If you need a gyno doctor, my office is in the box around the corner. –Lexington subway station