Queer on cell: Okay, but I’m taking the turkey with me when I leave, ’cause I’m bored. –50th & 8th Overheard by: amelia Queer: I’ve become a statistic these days… I smoke a cigarette, drink my latte, talk on the phone, and drive all at the same time. What? Oh, yeah, and the occasional hand job, you’re right, I forgot… –Chelsea Cafe Overheard by: TJ Queer on cell: … And then she called me and asked for advice on starving herself. –Fung Wah Bus Overheard by: nina Queer: How can he still be dating her? She’s bearded! We told her she has a beard, and she didn’t do anything about it! That’s like someone telling me I have a goiter and not doing anything about it. –116th & Broadway Guy on cell: That’s what I love about being a gay man. I don’t wanna hear your shit, I don’t wanna hear your life story, just put your cock in my mouth. –7th Ave & 26th St Overheard by: Raze One