Australian guy: Hey there, mate! I was just wondering if you were hiring staff.
Irish bar man: Yeah, we are, but you will have to speak with the boss. He is gonna be back in about 10 minutes. Do you have any experience?
Australian guy: Well, yeah, I’ve been doin’ this for about three years back home in Sydney.
Irish bar man: That’s great… Sure, I’ll put in a good word for you. I’m getting sick of all the foreigners that they keep hiring. Headline by: Barry Negrin Runners-Up: · “52-Across: “Foreigners” Ans: N-O-N-W-H-I-T-E” – Eddie · “Between the Long Islanders and the Brooklynites, this place is going to hell” – M.dubz · “I only hear in black and white” – h · “I’ll have a shot of contradiction with an irony backer” – LN · “It’s getting so hard to find people who speak American.” – Noh · “See? Even THEY Can’t Tell Their Accents Apart!” – Jatmos · “Will the last American to leave NYC please remember to bring the flag?” – Beth · “You should have seen this Injun that came in yesterday” – trainedmonkey
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