Chick: …And then when the naked girl got in the balloon I was so scared I thought I would die! –1 train Overheard by: Michael Schiano Dude: It’s like, as soon as you step into a room and take off your pants, all hell breaks loose! –Allen & Stanton Overheard by: Griffin Dude: I swear, like, everyone on this block has seen me naked. –Outside Rubin Hall, NYU Overheard by: Josh Little girl: Look! The nakeds! They’re naked! –Greek sculpture wing, the Met Chick on cell: I mean, if I’m going to send my friends footage of me doing topless jumping jacks, I want it to be remembered. –Harlem Suit on cell: You wanna know why we’re not friends anymore? Remember the last time you came to my house? I came out of the bathroom and there you were, stretched out on my sofa, naked, playing with your dick. What the fuck was that all about? –City Hall Park Overheard by: Big Larry Doctor to patient: Sir, I am going to prescribe you two things — some burn cream for, well, you know, and some advice: try not to cook without your pants on. –Beth Israel Hospital Emergency Room