Young thug: Don’t be talkin’ ’bout Sigmund Freud. That’s my dawg. –W 85th & Broadway Chick: I don’t like smooth talk. I’m too slow for it. –2nd St & Ave B Overheard by: apples Business chick: We keep talking about nymphomania, but I can’t remember what we decided. –Rite-Aid, 125th & 5th Guido on cell: Fucking the shit out of you, lying in bed after, and talking about state capitals! Is that all I fucking am to you? That’s the fucking highlight of my life. –3rd Ave & 85th St, Bay Ridge Overheard by: punkee NYU chick: My mom’s calling me — let’s stop talking about how I think she’s a lesbian. –Grand Central Woman on cell: We just sat around and drank wine, watched movies, and talked about art and Armenian genocide — you know, the usual. –Key Food, Park Slope Overheard by: The Eel Teacher: It’s scary when you people talk out loud. Some of the dumbest things come out of your mouths. –Bronx Science Overheard by: LSB