Bimbo #1: I just want to move to another state, you know?
Bimbo #2: Yeah, like further south?
Bimbo #1: No, probably Australia.
Bimbo #2: Oh my God, me too! My cousin owns this train station, we could totally go!
Bimbo #1: Nah. I have a date tonight. Headline by: johnny pissoff Runners-Up: · “All Aboard the Pangea Express” – Stitches · “And Australia’s like, “WTF mate?”” – one L · “Ashley crushes yet another of Jessica’s plans.” – Heidi · “Besides, i dont speak german…” – senny · “Crikey! Thank God the Stingrays Got Me Before They Arrived.” – Katie · “Going Down, But Not Under” – sigh · “It’s good to see Condy getting out more” – mp · “Wait, You Have a Date? That Doesn’t Even Make Sense.” – 08kjl
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