Exasperated hipster chick on cell, rolling eyes: Well, you probably should have known. I mean, I told you yesterday it was a terrible idea to go out and get wasted the night before you work with cadavers… –83rd & 1st Overheard by: i’ll remember that for next time… Little boy pointing to top of Trump Tower: If I fell off of that, I would die! –Trump Tower Overheard by: Horrified Suit to another: … So at, like, four a.m. this morning I rolled over to feel her, and she was, like, dead. –44th & 8th Overheard by: Glad I’m not sleeping with him Old lady on cell: Well, I may be dead by then, so it might be a waste of your money. –Fairway, 73rd & Broadway Overheard by: Jessie Man on cell: … Yeah, but wouldn’t my witness getting killed be bad? –Key Food, Kew Gardens Hills, Queens Overheard by: kilbasi Third grader: Miss Hannah, let’s make a deal — if you give me an ax, I’ll give you 10 corpses. –PS 41 Overheard by: Student Teacher