Three white guys are dressed in prison uniforms. Huge black guy: Those mothafuckas wouldn’t last a second in Attica. –Penn Station Overheard by: acep Guy on cell: Jeff, it’s me. Quick question — when you get arrested, do you lose all of your civil liberties or just some? … ‘Cause these guys won’t leave me the fuck alone… –Staten Island Ferry Drunk Fordham student: Have you ever been in a Mexican prison? You have no idea what it’s like in a Mexican prison! –Pugsley’s Overheard by: Rachel Hoban Lady on cell: He just graduated from culinary school, and he said he got the best job in the class. He’s the chef at Michigan State Prison. –Broadway & Spring St Girl, after lady bumps into her: I mean, if God bumps into me, that’s one thing — I wouldn’t say nothing, ’cause that’s God, you know? But she ain’t God, and I’m about to go to jail over her ass. –Target, Brooklyn Overheard by: santos