Suit on cell: Nah, don’t even bother callin’ that fuckin’ guy. At 4:59 he pulls the steam whistle and slides down the Brontosaurus tail. –45th & 7th Overheard by: Fred F. Homegirl to another: Yo, you remind me of my nigga, SpongeBob! –125th & Amsterdam 20-something babe: Optimus Prime is my boyfriend! –Union Square cinema Suit: The winter after I graduated college I watched a lot of Cartoon Network. –8th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: jonesy Girl: Yeah, you know, it’s just like the time I dyed myself blue, only the guy I was with was colorblind so he couldn’t even tell! Hey, haven’t you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a Smurf? –1 train Fat professor: In order to avoid economic loss you have to look deeper than the average bear. –Pace University Overheard by: random student