Chick: Oh my god, the last time I knew you I was a virgin! –No Idea Bar, 20th St, between Broadway & Park Overheard by: Jas Old lady: Enter the train… She ain’t no virgin! Get in, get in! –F train platform Overheard by: Ritika Crazy religious guy: The pope is a liar! He says that Mary’s a virgin as of today. That’s a lie! After Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph got married. You’re tellin’ me that they got married, but Joseph wasn’t hittin’ that? –4 train Bleached blonde to boyfriend: As far as my father is concerned, he thinks I am still a virgin… No, actually, there was that one summer he thought I was pregnant because I got fat… –N train to Astoria God squad lady: I have a two-month-old son, and I’m praying for his virginity. –L train Overheard by: Errol Stairpath