Asian student on cell: Yeah, I haven’t had time to go shopping. I’ve had all this school work to do… Yeah, me either — I haven’t been since, like, Saturday… I miss shopping, too. –NYU computer lab Overheard by: Cpt. Kate Bimbette: We should go to Boston to go to the big Victoria’s Secret. It would be, like, the most rational thing we’ve ever done. –Fordham University RamVan Overheard by: wishmewell Three-year-old Barenaked Ladies fan: Mommy, if I had a lot of money, I’d buy you a green dress. –59th & Lex Overheard by: But not a real green dress, that’s cruel Texan: Don’t you have malls here? Well, I guess New York is like one big strip mall. –23rd St & Lex Overheard by: Not a Texan Tourist bimbo: What mall is this? –Outside Bloomberg office tower, 59th & Lex Overheard by: Russ Wall