Thug: This is a fuckin’ Kodak moment, man [snaps picture of fellow thug with camera phone]. –Bleecker & McDougal Overheard by: acep Drunk ferry operator holding a camera: I am the shutterbug. S-H-utterbug. –2 Toms Restaurant, Park Slope Suit on cell: Hey, sweetie, I found your Army helmet in my car. Did you find my shirt? … Because you poured beer in my ear. Why? No idea — I was going to ask you. I can’t wait to see the moustache pictures. –Wall St Overheard by: Wants to see the pics Chick on cell: I thought I told you to never call me again, and here I look down at my phone and guess who it is?! … After those pictures you sent me?! –Bleecker & Hudson Overheard by: Me, Myself, Personally 20-year-old thug to friend: Yeah, she’s the prettiest. When she’s sucking on my dick and looks up, you just wanna take a picture. –Queens-bound E platform, 14th St station Overheard by: Nikki W Gold-digging wife to gal pals: I am totally not going to Vegas for Jenny’s bachelorette party. Can you imagine the photos that could potentially be used in a future divorce proceeding? –Del Posto Restaurant