Fratboy to friends: Other than the bleeding, I’d much prefer pussy. –Peculiar Pub, LaGuardia & Bleecker Overheard by: Spanky Van Dyke Wife on cell: Hon, I think I might be pregnant. I’m getting nervous. I mean, my period’s not late, but I feel nauseous. –Grand Central Overheard by: Snozberry Guy with hot chick: Yeah, it feels fine! Is your tampon comfortable? –Houston & 1st Ave Overheard by: Lazy Mr. Wiggles Loud lady: You know what my son calls my period? –Q18 bus Overheard by: Didn’t hang around to hear the rest… Female employee: My boss hates hearing about menstruation. Any time I want to get him off my back I just tell him I’m having my period. He puts his hands up over his ears like he’s hearing nails on a blackboard. If he doesn’t leave me alone right away, I tell him my napkin is soaked and I have to change it. –Peter Luger’s, Williamsburg Overheard by: Big Larry Dude: What I don’t get is, how did he get the tampon in his nose in the first place? –Lower East Side