Girl on cell: It was spanky-wanky like I’ve never seen. –72nd St & Columbus Ave Overheard by: Scarfish Brunette on cell: It doesn’t sound that bad… Get a hold of yourself, it’s only a little torture. –Waverly & University Punk hootchie #1: I mean, why shouldn’t we feel pain when we want to?
Punk hootchie #2: [Shrugs.]
Punk hootchie #1: I mean, my mom’s on ecstasy all the time, so why shouldn’t she try out bondage? –Manhattan-bound 7 train Loud chick: Objectify me! –116th & Amsterdam Overheard by: Mixmaster Mike Chick on cell: He likes to go slow and gentle, which is okay, but sometimes I wish he’d just pull my hair and spank me a little. –11th & Broadway