Dude: … So she smoked some pot and said, ‘This isn’t working. I need to shoot some heroin.’ –26th St & 8th Ave Professor: Every good professor smokes marijuana. –John Jay College Overheard by: soccerking3t Fat guy: Hey, I just finished running the marathon — let’s call Jeff and go get high! –12th St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: off white Young pothead: Hey, lady, could you spare some change to help support my marijuana habit? –Borough Hall Park, Staten Island Future teacher: I think we should let the kids smoke pot everyday after lunch… You know, just for kindergarten. –Spruce St & Gold St Overheard by: Kim Chick on cell: For some reason that reminds me of The Bell Jar. But probably, I’m just still high. –West 4th St & Greene