Newspaper hander-outer: Don’t be scared to take a free Post! –Public library Guy handing out circus flyers: Great for kids! Bring your kids! Short kids, tall kids, small kids, fat kids… –Columbus Circle Flyer dude: Comedy show? Comedy show? [Depressed voice] No, I wouldn’t come either. –Radio City Music Hall Overheard by: Andrew K. Guy selling comedy show tickets: You like comedy? Come to the show! Even fake IDs are accepted! –Times Square Overheard by: Bought comedy show tix, but not from him Newspaper guy: Free New York Post! Get your free New York Post here! [Flips it over so the headlines are facing down.] Get your free New York Times here! Free New York Times! –14th St & 4th Ave Guy passing out postcards: Please take– Please take a– They won’t let me go home until I finish this! –43rd & Broadway