Man in Rangers shirt: … And that’s when we realized that she married Satan. –Penn Station Overheard by: rosemary’s baby Homeless guy yelling at everyone: Paul McCartney, you so rich, why you marry a woman with one leg? You could buy yourself one with two legs easily. Easily, dammit. –E/V station, 53rd & 5th Professor: Marriage is a state institution. It’s not a voluntary love-fest. –Silver Center, Washington Square Balding suit on cell: No, no, it was a phase… And I would know, right? No, I’m telling you, he’s just confused… He’s a kid! And anyway, he’s married now… No, he’ll be fine. –Citarella, W 9th St Dude: Sitting here eating these Nerds is the best day of my life, ever. Well, this and my wedding day. –Landmark Sunshine Cinema, Houston St Overheard by: Russ Wall