Crackhead girl talking to old pimp: I don’t know why for she call you… Just to be talkin’ shit… You know how I be is… –Bed-Stuy Vassar student: If I spoke France fluently, I’d be there right now! –West 7th & Avenue T Man leaning into friend’s car window: Nah, she aight… Nah, she aight… Nah, she aight. [Sees a guy across the street] Hey, man, you aight? Aight… Nah, she aight… –150th & Macombs Black woman: He coulda played for the Bears, he coulda played for the Jets, but nothing never stucked. –14th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: off white Earnest student giving presentation: I was going to talk about Freud, but I decided he was tangenital to the discussion. –NYU Silver Center Overheard by: She wasn’t kidding, and no one laughed Artistic hipster wannabe: Also, not to get too psychoanaliterature… –Starbucks, Union Square West Overheard by: Benjamin Thug: Yo, nigga, don’t make me yo’ escapegoat! –4 train, Bronx Overheard by: charles elliot