Hobo, after playing keyboard and screaming Christmas carols: Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any change I would greatly appreciate it. It would be going to a good cause — I need a lot of therapy. –L stop, Union Square Overheard by: sunny maguire Crazy hobo to no one: It’s the Hudson River — it moved! On Christmas day, it will be April 15th. Sign my petition. –M15 bus, Ave A Overheard by: Getting off at next stop Hobo: I’ll be your lover for a month if you buy me a motorcycle. –79th & Broadway Hobo to puddle: You don’t fucking know, man. Shit. You don’t fucking know. –Penn Station Homeless woman at 11 in the morning: I’m sorry to bother you all. I am homeless, and I haven’t had a decent meal since earlier today. –F train to Brooklyn Overheard by: I hadn’t had a decent meal at all at that time Hobo to hobo friend: Yo, let me get your e-mail! –W 27th St