Middle-aged lady: I wear makeup on Sundays. I like to look good on the Lord’s day. –135th & Madison Overheard by: Kate Woman: Monday is the new Friday. –11 Penn Plaza Guy on cell: … So let’s just go ahead with the Tuesday night cripple hunt. –Grand St & Bedford Ave Conductor: This stop is Jay Street-Borough Hall. You can transfer here across the platform to the A and C trains, which you can take uptown to Columbus Circle and on up to 168th Street. Be sure to take your stuff with you when you go, and have a great Wednesday here in the middle of the week. –F train Overheard by: … or maybe she was stoned 40-something lady to another: … Then I told him, ‘Nevermind the bruises, I just had liposuction last Thursday.’ –Broadway, just below Houston Guy on cell: Yeah, well, I won’t be there if you’re going to be doing all that religious stuff… Aren’t you, like, castrating a duck or something? … Oh, okay, well I’ll be there on Friday, then. –By the tram