NYU student: I feel like the professor didn’t scare me enough about the final exam y’know? So then, like, I didn’t get nervous enough, so then I didn’t study enough, so then I didn’t do well on it, y’know? So, like, it’s really my professor’s fault, y’know? –Korean deli, 13th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: Joseph O’Connell Cop: Yeah, the open-book exam? I passed it on appeal. –45th & Broadway Guy on cell: … Fucked me, dude. Fucked me hard. Bent me over the desk and rammed a bluebook right up my ass. Sooo fuckin’ hard… –Union Square Guy: I should have studied for this final… But the tequila was so good! –NYU Silver Center Student to professor during final: Do you want us to use our intelligence or follow the instructions? –Columbia University