Little girl on dad’s shoulders: Hmmm. Beer. I’m not really a fan of that anymore. –Outside MSG Overheard by: eric p Guy on cell: Dude, I’m sayin’, it’s like every single time we have sex she is drunk! Sooo drunk… [Sighs.] –Canal St 20-something chick on cell: Well, they do say alcohol solves problems… –Houston & 1st Ave Overheard by: Chris NJ transit conductor: We are now approaching New York Penn Station. If you are traveling with any small children, the elderly, or drunk people, please escort them off of the train — maybe by the hand — because there is a wide gap between the train and the platform. –Penn Station Mom to wobbling little girl: Are you a drunken sailor? Drunken sailor, yay! –Liberty St & South End Ave Overheard by: julia British girl to two friends: … And I knew he was drunk that night because he fell over. –R train from Brooklyn Overheard by: Mark